Over the 26 years that Paul has worked as a professional magician there are certain questions that are frequently asked by customers when enquiring.

During the booking process most are covered within the show details.

Paul has compiled a few of them with answers to help you when planning your event and booking a show.

Q. How far do you travel?

A. All over the UK


Q. Can we book you again this year? / We saw you at another event and can we book you?

A. The customer obviously enjoyed the show that they saw but MAGIC is all about surprise so Paul changes the programme with different and new effects while keeping his usual standards and personal style.


Q. How far ahead do I have to book?

A. The more notice the better to secure your choice of date, 2 years ahead has been known! However, it's always worth a call.


Q. How much do you charge?

A. This depends upon the type of show, length of performance and travel distance. This is why it is important that you send as much detailed information as possible about your event before a quote can be given.


Q. How much room do you require to perform?

A. Paul has performed in the smallest restaurants and homes to huge theatres so adapts to every situation. The different shows are designed to compact or expand depending on the size of the venue.


Q. What time will you need to arrive?

A. 30 minutes before the start of the show to view the performance area and set up. For larger shows and venues an earlier set up time will be arranged.


Q. What age groups can you entertain?

A. All ages, Paul has a show for everyone.


Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?

A. Yes please. We require a non refundable deposit to confirm your booking, the balance is payable at the end of the event. A full booking confirmation letter is sent to all customers.


Q. Do you require us to supply any tables or chairs?

A. No, Paul travels with everything he needs.


Q. Is there parking? (asked by Paul)

A. The nearer the venue entrance the better as there is a lot of equipment to unload. If there is a parking problem it has to be taken into consideration and discussed during the booking process.